University of Iceland (HI), Reykjavik, Iceland

Prof Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir, Coordinator of AdaptEcon

Háskóli Íslands

 Vala is Professor of Earth Sciences and has 15 years   experience within developing sustainability science. After 20   year in environmental geochemistry  research and teaching   she started working on frameworks for sustainable   communities with focus on food security, leading to the   investigation of soil sustainability and establishing how long   natural resources will last.

Prof Harald Sverdrup


Harald is a Professor of Industrial Engineering and is an expert in system analysis and system dynamic with 30 years of experience. He has built a number of internationally used environmental and sustainability assessment models including the WORLD model used in AdaptEcon. Together with Ragnarsdottir he has evaluated world natural resources availability and more recently their link to economics.


Prof Brynhildur Davidsdottir; 

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Brynhildur is Professor of Environment and Natural Resources, within the Department of Economics and the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences.  She heads the interdisciplinary Environment and Natural Resources graduate program at UoI. She is an expert in system dynamics, with a focus on climate change, energy and natural resources.


Dr Sigurbjörg Sigurgeirsdottir; 


Sigurbjörg is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Governance, within the Faculty of Political Science.  During her career, she has worked with several governmental and non-governmental organisation, such as the World Bank and OECD. She is an expert in public policy specialising in health economics and policy.


University of Stockholm (SU), Stockholm, Sweden

Dr Ingrid Stjernquist;


Stjernquist is Associate Professor in Environmental Science at the department of Physical Geography. She is an expert in energy resources, ecological sustainability, and environmental system studies. She has a experience in trans-disciplinary research on resource management and ecological sustainability, including participatory governance.

Dr Peter Schlyter;

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Schlyter is Associate Professor in Environmental Science at the department of Physical Geography. He is an expert in trans-disciplinary environmental and energy systems studies, including environmental policy and governance. He has developed environmental monitoring and indicators systems, and climate impacts on ecosystems.

Dr Sarah

Háskóli Íslands

Cornell is a research scientist at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, where she coordinates the international Planetary Boundaries Research Network. Her transdisciplinary expertise is in human-caused global changes, risk, and the philosophy and methodology of integrative research. She has experience in working at the science-policy interface and in local community engagement for sustainability.

Dr Salim Belyazid;

Salim_BelyazidBelyazid  is Associate Professor in Environmental Management with a specialisation in multidisciplinary systems analysis and dynamic modelling at the department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University. Salim started his academic training within instrumental engineering, and then continued into multidisciplinary environmental sciences and system dynamics. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Lund University, where he specialised in modelling the chemical cycles of natural and semi-natural ecosystems.

Universite Clermont Auvergne (UCA), Clermont Ferrand, France

Dr Arnaud Diemer;

Háskóli Íslands

Diemer is and Assistant Professor in Economics and the head of the Observatory of Sustainable Development Representations (OR2D); he is associated to a CNRS group of researchers (TRIANGLE). His scientific fields are sustainable development, finance and economic crisis, cycle theory,  financial crisis and de-growth.

Dr Sylvie Ferrari;

Portrait_SFerrari.JPGProf. Ferrari is member of the OR2D and a researcher at the GREThA (Research Unit in Theoretical and Applied Economics – CNRS). Her teaching is primarily related to ecological economics and sustainable development with research on environmental sustainability of production, environmental ethics, sustainable development and sustainable management of water resources.

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Trista Patterson, GRID, Arendal, Norway
Dr. Ullrich Lorenz, German Environment Agency (UBA), Dessau, Germany
Dr. Matthias Ruth, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA