System Dynamics Conference

From July the 16th until July the 21st, the System Dynamics Conference took place in Delft, the Netherlands. This years conference theme was "Black Swans and Black Lies: System Dynamics in the Context of Randomness and Political Power-play". Therese, David and Marie participated in various activities of the conference, including a summer school, a PhD-colloquium, conference … Continue reading System Dynamics Conference

AdaptEconII in Iceland – 1st Training Workshop

The first AdaptEconII workshop took place in Iceland from May 22nd to June 3rd 2016. This was the first time all twelve PhDs were in the same place and met the supervisors from all three Universities. The first part of the workshop took place in Hvergerði, one of Icelands unpronounceable beautiful hot spring areas. The … Continue reading AdaptEconII in Iceland – 1st Training Workshop