The AdaptEconII team organised a final conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, on the 27th of August. The event was dedicated to A New Economy for the 21st Century and had the valuable input of several of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance fellows. The conference – hosted at the University of Iceland – was open to the public and lasted the whole day. It was divided into four main parts, namely i)natural resources and infrastructure; ii)societal impacts; iii)the new economy and modelling and iv)what to measure. The format of the event consisted of Early Stage Researchers, supervisors and WEAll fellows presenting up to 12 minutes. Each part of the conference was followed by a panel discussion, with questions from the Chairs and the audience.

All presentations can be found online on AdaptEconII’s YouTube channel. In presentation order, they were as follows:

Natural Resources and Infrastructure 

Kristin Vala Ragnasdottir – The consequences of exponential growth

Julian Torres – Is closing the loop enough?

Florian Dierickx – Circularity of materials 

Maartje Oostdijk – The story of fish in the North Atlantic

Eduard Nedelciu – The story of phosphorus 

Societal Impacts

Luca Coscieme – The paradoxes of economy 

Marie Schellens – Natural resource conflicts

Lisa Hough-Steward – Reaching the masses 

David Collste – Achieving the SDGs

Jenneth Parker – The importance of ethics

The New Economy and Modelling 

Griffin Carpenter – And it is fish! 

Harald Sverdrup – WORLD 6/7 modelling of the world economy 

Jennifer Hinton – The critical role of profit in sustainable economies 

Robert Costanza – Overcoming our societal addiction to growth 

Katherine Trebeck – Economics of arrival 

What to measure

Ida Kubiszewski – Wellbeing economy indicators 

Claudia Meglin – Measuring what matters 

Lene Rachel Anderson – Collapsing macroeconomic theories 




2 thoughts on “A New Economy for the 21st Century – Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. It is so good to see all this wonderful research and discussion! Congratulations on a wonderful conference. I’m so glad I can be part of it now – seeing the talks, joining the follow-up discussions! – even though I couldn’t be there at the time.
    (This is Sarah C, by the way!)


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