Clermont-Ferrant, France

Five ESRs from AdaptEcon (Nathalie Spittler, Ganna Gladkykh, David Collste, Florian Dierickx and Eduard Nedelciu), two AdaptEcon supervisors (Arnaud Diemer and Salim Belyazid) and our Partner Organisation representative  (Jenneth Parker) took part in the summer school on Integrated Assessment Modelling (IAM) organised by AdaptEcon supervisor Arnaud Diemer and ESRs Nathalie Spittler and Ghanna Gladkykh in Clermont-Ferrant, France between 18th-21st of June. The summer school aimed to put the future prospects of integrated assessment modelling into perspective and to update participants about the latest developments in the sector. A number of modellers presented at the summer school, from various institutions: Stockholm University, Lancaster University, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Joint Research Centre, to name a few.

The event was structured in four parts: introduction and role of IAMs; transdisciplinary  challenges for IAMs; technical and methodological challenges; and policy-making challenges. The ESRs were also engaged in discussions on the philosophy and methodology for transdisciplinary modelling and also had the chance to present their own models to the other participants in a world-cafe style part of the programme. The event concluded with a roundtable including three former Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), which answered some of the questions raised on the policy challenge topic.

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