On the 12th of December, the AdaptEconII team successfully passed the mid-term evaluation carried out by Dr. Guy Duke, external expert for the EU Commission, and Emanuela Galeazzi, research executive agency officer. The evaluation was a full day event that took place at Hotel Leopold in Brussels. It comprised of an introduction by each of the participants, followed by a technical report of project coordinator Dr. Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir from the University of Iceland. Dr. Ragnarsdottir touched on the scientific aspect of the project, the progress in training activities, the performance of the management team and the main networking activities carried out so far. Next, each of the 12 early stage researchers (ESRs) had a 10-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions, in which they presented the most important preliminary results of their research as well as their future milestones. In the afternoon, the ESRs met Ms. Galeazzi and Dr. Duke for an information session, in which they described their overall experience in the project and Ms. Galeazzi answered questions and clarified details related to the grant agreement. Ms. Galeazzi and Dr. Duke also met with the managerial team of the project for a similar session of questions and clarifications. The event closed with feedback from both Ms. Galeazzi and Dr. Duke and the conclusion that AdaptEconII is well on track with its research objectives and the management of the project has so far been satisfactory.

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