Three of the ESRs (Marie Schellens, Eduard Nedelciu, and Jennifer Hinton) and three of the supervisors (Dr. Sarah Cornell, Dr. Brynhildur Davidsdottir and Dr. Sylvie Ferrari) in the AdaptEconII project attended the Resilience Conference 2017, held in Stockholm in late August. The conference takes place tri-annually and was hosted this year by the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Jennifer helped host the Early Career Researcher day, using Open Space methods to allow the 100 participants to self-organize sessions that were of interest to them. She also presented work that she and Timothée Parrique have been developing on the topic of post-growth economic theories, practices, and economies, as well as a poster about the work on plastics, fashion and sustainability-oriented economies, that she and her colleagues at the Stockholm Resilience Centre have been doing.

Marie Schellens presented a poster about quantitative modeling approaches to resource conflict and Eduard presented a poster about the social and political dynamics of phosphorous recycling. David Collste’s work was also featured in two posters: one about conceptualizing national and global consumption in relation to Earth resilience, and the other about modeling and observational tools for analyzing Earth resilience.

Dr. Cornell organized a session on Earth Resilience and Dr. Davidsdottir presented work on realizing blue growth in the marine sector.

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