AdapteconII PhD students, Johanna, Nathalie, Ganna and me visited the System Dynamics conference, July 2017 in Boston. The day before the “regular” conference started we particpated in the PhD colloquim where junior system dynamics modelers get a chance to interact with senior system dynamicists. This interaction was enabled through sessions with open space discussions and world cafe, and an informal poster session at the end. We had some nice discussions on the use of system dynamics models and the comparison with other modeling approaches, as well as the interesting discussions during the poster sessions. The PhD colloquium was useful throughout the conference since it was easier to approach System Dynamics researchers during the rest of the conference. I would strongly recommend anyone that’s relatively fresh to the field to join the PhD colloquium. I also appreciated a session on using agent based network models together with system dynamics model and several sessions on a tool for assessing the main drivers in the model. For people that are math cracks (or for people that really want to understant their system and what is the dominant driving mechanism that makes the system behave the way it behaves, to better inform policy!) Sergey Naumov and Rogelio Oliva created a tool for the loop domincance analysis that can be found here: http://iops.tamu.edu/faculty/roliva/research/sd/sda/ Maybe some day it will be a part of most of our modeling routines.

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