A smarter scenario

Club of Rome report states that inequality reduction and new economic models are necessary for long-term economic and planetary stability.    Text originally published on: Stockholm Resilience Centre - published here with permission. https://www.stockholmresilience.org/research/research-news/2018-10-17-a-smarter-scenario.html .  Only a profound economic transformation in the next decades driven by “non-conventional policies” is likely to deliver prosperous societies within planetary boundaries, according to … Continue reading A smarter scenario

Team AdatEcon at the 2017 World Resource Forum in Switzerland

On the 24th and 25th of October, Team AdaptEcon was represented at the 2017 World Resource Forum in Geneva by Dr. Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir, Dr. Harald Sverdrup, Johanna Gisladottir and Eduard Nedelciu. The event gathered 450 participants from 16 countries and it included 16 workshops and 160 scientific contributions. Our team had the following presentations: … Continue reading Team AdatEcon at the 2017 World Resource Forum in Switzerland

AdaptEconII mid-term review in Brussels

On the 12th of December, the AdaptEconII team successfully passed the mid-term evaluation carried out by Dr. Guy Duke, external expert for the EU Commission, and Emanuela Galeazzi, research executive agency officer. The evaluation was a full day event that took place at Hotel Leopold in Brussels. It comprised of an introduction by each of … Continue reading AdaptEconII mid-term review in Brussels

Resilience conference, Stockholm

Three of the ESRs (Marie Schellens, Eduard Nedelciu, and Jennifer Hinton) and three of the supervisors (Dr. Sarah Cornell, Dr. Brynhildur Davidsdottir and Dr. Sylvie Ferrari) in the AdaptEconII project attended the Resilience Conference 2017, held in Stockholm in late August. The conference takes place tri-annually and was hosted this year by the Stockholm Resilience … Continue reading Resilience conference, Stockholm

System dynamics conference 2017

AdapteconII PhD students, Johanna, Nathalie, Ganna and me visited the System Dynamics conference, July 2017 in Boston. The day before the “regular” conference started we particpated in the PhD colloquim where junior system dynamics modelers get a chance to interact with senior system dynamicists. This interaction was enabled through sessions with open space discussions and … Continue reading System dynamics conference 2017

Complexity in Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) is a research and education centre aiming to contribute to a better understanding of adaptive complex systems. Established in 1984 and located in New Mexico, the U.S, the institute brings together scholars, practitioners, and the larger society around themes such as invention and innovation in evolutionary processes, mental models of … Continue reading Complexity in Santa Fe

AdaptEconII in Sweden – 1st Integration Workshop

March the 27th untill the 30th 2017, all AdaptEconII supervisors and PhD students were gathered again. Höör, a lovely small town in Southern Sweden, would be the setting for a project integration workshop. Two new faces were introduced to everyone in the project, Silvy Ferrari and Sigurbjörg Sigurgeirsdottir, strengthening the supervisory team in supporting the PhD students. The short … Continue reading AdaptEconII in Sweden – 1st Integration Workshop

Who will change the system? – Thoughts on an unconventional conference

  What is needed for “Systems Change”? While this question might give rise to a million different answers, I believe that the answers to the question ‘Who is needed for “Systems Change”?’ will look more alike. I think, we would all agree that we need everyone together for systems change. To me the important aspect … Continue reading Who will change the system? – Thoughts on an unconventional conference